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Health and wellbeing: adults

Why is it important to have data about adult health and wellbeing?

The Scottish Government National Performance Framework states simply that "we are healthy and active". Our NHS is pivotal to our health and happiness but we also understand that our health is dependent on a wide variety of factors.  We need to take a whole-system approach to promoting good health and activity, regardless of gender, background or any other Equalities protected characteristic. We use the latest research and data to make sure Scottish Borders plays its part in making this outcome happen in our region. The information on this page is an analysis of the policy framework, the topics and the evidence that informs this national outcome.

Scottish Borders policy framework

The 2022-23 Scottish Borders Council Plan is key to our policy framework on how we plan to deliver services in the next five years. It consists of six outcome priorities, which are informed by an evidence base, including the Strategic Assessment.  Adult health and wellbeing is referenced particularly in Outcome Priority 5: "Good health and  wellbeing". You can see how we are doing in delivering this outcome in our quarterly and annual performance reports,

The strategic priority on improving public health in Scottish Borders is managed by the Public Health Team. The Joint Health Improvement Team works with Health and Social Care to improve health and reduce health inequalities.

Find our more about Public Health in Scottish Borders.

For imformation about all aspects of Social Care and Health, visit our corporate resource pages. You can also find out more about Health and Social Care integration in Scottish Borders.

Topic areas

There is a large amount of evidence from official statistics to inform Adult Health and Wellbeing policy development, across a wide range of topic areas. Many of these topics cover all adults, including older people. There is also a separate page covering topics that are specific to older people.

Demographics of the adult population

  • statistics on NRS Midyear Population Estimates, for totals and by age bands including Over 16s, Over 18s, 16-25s, 16-39s, 16-64s and 40-64s, at Council and Intermediate Datazone levels, are available on the Population profile of the interactive ScotPHO Online Profiles Tool

Life Expectancy, mortality and morbidity

Mental health and wellbeing in adults

Physical health in adults

The 2011 Census summary overview  listed the characteristics of the Scottish Borders population in terms of their general health characteristics (compared with Scotland):

  • 84.1% of the Scottish Borders population (113,870 people) said their health was good or very good (82.2%)
  • 4.2% of the Scottish Borders population said their health was bad or very bad (5.6%)
  • 81.5% of the Scottish Borders population said their life was not limited at all by a long-term health problem or disability (80.4%)
  • 10.6% said it was limited a little (10.1%)
  •  8% said it was limited a lot (9.6%)
  • 70.2% of the Scottish Borders population said they did not have any long-term health condition or disability (70.1%)
  • the remaining 29.8% said they had at least one long-term health condition or disability (29.9%)

The following statistics are also available:

Dental health in adults

Alcohol use in adults

Recreational drug use in adults

Tobacco use in adults

Diet and lifestyle in adults

Adults with disabilities or health inequalities

Health service provision

The 2011 Census summary overview  listed the characteristics of the Scottish Borders population in terms of their provision of unpaid care to a family member or friend (compared with Scotland):

  • of the 113,870 people in the Scottish Borders, 9.1% (10,346 people) provided unpaid care (9.3%)
  • 59% of these were female (59.2%)
  • 54.4% were employed (53.2%)
  • 22.4% were aged over 65 (19.3%)
  • 1.8% were aged under 16 (2%)
  • 5.6% of all respondents provided 1 to 19 hours of unpaid care a week (5.2%)
  • 0.8% provided 20 to 34 hours of care a week (0.9%)
  • 2.7% provided over 35 hours of unpaid care a week (3.3%)

The following statistics are available:

Official Statistics at Scottish Borders or Health Board level, or below, are available for these topics.  If you work, volunteer or study in the Scottish Borders and would like help using these statistics, contact us using the contact details below.

Research and Data in the Scottish Borders

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