Research and data in the Scottish Borders: People

Population information

Why is it important to know the size and vital characteristics of our population?

Population data are fundamental to our understanding of our region. We, along with our Community Planning Partners and our communities, use population data regularly to evidence everything that we do. Population counts show us how our people, our society and our local areas are changing. They also form the base that we need to calculate rates and percentages, to monitor whether our strategies and policies are working.

Our Corporate Performance and Information Research and Information Team use population data from official statistics sources such as the Population Census and the mid-year estimates from the National Records of Scotland. If you need any publically available facts or stats about any aspect of your policy area or community and would like help finding it, contact us using the contact details below. Downloadable information and reports about the population of the Scottish Borders will be published we produce them.

Population data topics

National Records of Scotland publishes council area profiles which summarise the population trends in Scottish Council areas using the latest data. These are available to download from the National Records of Scotland, with detailed information on the following topics.

Population estimates

  • total population -  the population of Scottish Borders  was 115,510 in 2019
  • rate of population change
  • gender balance
  • population by age group
  • rate of change by age group

Population projections

  • 2018-based population projections for the Scottish Borders
  • natural change
  • expected effects of migration
  • projected population by age group


  • 2019 births in the Scottish Borders
  • births by age of mother
  • Total fertility rate


  • 2019 deaths in the Scottish Borders
  • deaths by gender and age
  • deaths by cause

Life expectancy

  • life expectancy at birth
  • life expectancy by gender
  • life expectancy at age 65


  • mid-2019 migration in the Scottish Borders
  • trends in migration in the Scottish Borders

Marriages and civil partnerships

  • 2019 marriages in the Scottish Borders
  • 2019 civil partnerships in the Scottish Borders

Electoral statistics

Historical population statistics