Mental health

Mental health officers

Mental Health Officers (MHOs) are trained mental health social workers who provide a statutory service. The law states that we must provide this service 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Role of mental health officers

  • MHOs are also social workers and they provide support and advice to service users on a range of issues with the aim of promoting their recovery and maintaining their links with the community.
  • They work in partnership and have links with a range of agencies and services including community mental health teams and the learning disability service.
  • They are accountable to the local authority that employs them but their assessments are independent.
  • They are also independent of health service staff.

Contact a mental health officer

  • You can speak to a MHO by contacting the Mental Health social work team or by calling 01896 752111.
  • The duty MHO can be contacted on their pager through Bordercare on 01896 752111.
  • We aim to respond to calls within 15 minutes of being contacted and advise of our time of arrival at the location.