Private landlord registration

Landlord registration ensures that all private landlords and agents in Scotland are 'fit and proper' to be letting residential property. The scheme also aims to:

  • improve private renting in Scotland by enforcing minimum standards
  • oblige those who do not provide this minimum service to improve, or leave the sector
  • allow tenants, neighbours and the Council to identify and contact landlords and agents of private rented property
  • provide information on the scale and distribution of the private rented sector in Scotland

Do I have to register?

Any private landlord or agent who manages property for a private landlord will need to be registered.

Registration is mandatory and it is a criminal offence if you rent out a property without having made a valid application for registration. You must also declare anyone who jointly owns any rental property with you and anyone who acts as an agent for you in relation to the letting. Joint owners (all those named on title deeds) must also register, although there is no fee incurred by them.

You can also register if you do not own any property to show that you are 'fit and proper' to act as an agent or before you invest in property for let. It is an offence to offer or advertise a residential property to rent unless you are already registered or have made a valid application to register with your local authority.

Who is exempt from registration?

There are some exemptions from registration, these include the following:

  • holiday lets
  • houses managed by religious orders
  • houses with a resident landlord
  • residential properties that are subject to agricultural and crofting tenancies
  • those letting to family members
  • houses providing care services governed by Care Commission regulation

For further information about exemptions, please contact the Housing Strategy team.

How do I register?

You can apply online on at Landlord Registration Scotland. You can also contact the Housing Strategy team for an application form. Registration requires you to:

  1. Complete and sign a registration form.
  2. Pay a fee (10% discount if online application).
  3. Reply to all registration related queries you receive.
  4. Retain your confirmation of approval - this is valid for three years.
  5. Notify any changes as they occur i.e. change of personal details, sale or purchase of rental properties.
  6. Renew your registration before the expiry date.

What information will I need to provide?

You will need to provide:

  1. your name, including any previous names e.g. maiden name
  2. your address, including details of where you have lived over the past five years
  3. a list of the addresses of the properties you let
  4. if you use an agent, you will need to provide the name and address of the agent
  5. details of any relevant convictions you hold
  6. a declaration stating that you comply with the legal requirements relating to managing rented property - applications will not be processed until the declaration is completed and signed.

Applications will not be processed until all mandatory information is provided and the declaration is completed and signed.

Non-registration fee

A fee of £110 will automatically be applied to Landlords who have failed to register as a Landlord despite being contacted by us twice.

This fee will also be applied to those who have failed to renew their registration before the expiration date. 

This fee is set by the Scottish Government and we are unable to remove this fee.

You must renew your registration prior to the expiry date to avoid having to pay this additional fee.

Find out more

For more information, please contact the Housing Strategy team. We are responsible for the administration of the Scottish Borders Private Landlord Register.

We can also provide advice and information about other queries relating to the private rented sector.

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