Private landlord registration

How to register

You can apply online on at Landlord Registration Scotland. You can also contact the Housing Strategy team for an application form.

Registration requires you to:

  • complete and sign a registration form
  • pay a fee
  • reply to all registration related queries you receive
  • retain your confirmation of approval, this is valid for three years
  • notify any changes as they occur for example change of personal details, sale or purchase of rental properties
  • renew your registration before the expiry date

Information you need to register

You will need to provide:

  • your name, including any previous names (maiden name)
  • your address, including details of where you have lived over the past five years
  • a list of the addresses of the properties you let
  • if you use an agent, you will need to provide the name and address of the agent
  • details of any relevant convictions you hold
  • a declaration stating that you comply with the legal requirements relating to managing rented property, applications will not be processed until the declaration is completed and signed

Applications will not be processed until all mandatory information is provided and the declaration is completed and signed.

Landlord Registration Fees

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