Commemorative memorials

Commemorative seats and memorial trees are a popular way of remembering loved ones, with a gift to the town or village which can be appreciated by others.

We do not have a list of trees to be considered for planting as each application is considered individually. Trees are planted between November and February.


The location you wish the bench to be erected must be in an area owned or managed by us.

To find out more about the purchase of a bench or the planting of a tree please complete our online enquiry form.

Unfortunately there are no spaces available for memorial benches at Coldingham Beach or on the coastal path between St Abbs and Coldingham Bay.

Seat type

Phoenix black recycled material seat

  • designed with fully recycled end supports and slats
  • ideal for parks and coastal/river walkways
  • made from black enviropol materials and 6ft in length
  • can be fitted with a stainless steel memorial plaque and has a maximum of 130 letters
  • See our Flickr page for an example of this type of bench 

Costs excluding VAT, brackets and delivery charge

The amount paid will cover the costs of:

  • the seat
  • plaque
  • inscription
  • installation including any materials required 
  • an element of future maintenance requirements

For trees the amount paid will cover the costs of:

  • the tree
  • planting, including tree stake and tie 

A quote will be provided upon application. 

Once location has been agreed payment will be required prior to the bench/tree being ordered.

Payments can be made by phone or by visiting your local contact centre quoting your unique reference number.

Maintenance, repairs and replacement

  • removal of graffiti and general cleaning will be carried out as and when necessary
  • repairs will be undertaken throughout the natural life of the seat