Local licensing forum

We are required under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 to establish a Local Licensing Forum (LLF).

The role of the Local Licensing Forum is to:

  • Keep under review the liquor licensing system and the function of the Licensing Board in our area.
  • Give advice and make recommendations to the Board on such matters as they think appropriate.
  • The LLF cannot comment on particular cases.

The LLF will do this by:

  • Considering the implications of relevant local data and statistics provided by appropriate organisations.
  • Identifying key licensing issues affecting the Scottish Borders and developing constructive advice on how to address them.


The forum is appointed from members of the public, listed below:

  • I Tunnah - Chair – Licensing Standards Officer
  • S Bell - Representative of Community 
  • M Hay - Holder of Premises Licence/Personal Licence
  • C Lackenby - Representative of Chief Constable
  • R Mackay - Holder of Premises Licence/Personal Licence
  • A Maybury - Representative of Community
  • Dr T Patterson - Representative of functions relating to Health
  • Mr J Taylor - Representative of Community
  • G Todd - Holder of Premises Licence/Personal Licence
  • S Walker - Representative of functions relating to Health

If you are interested in becoming a member of the forum please contact Licensing or complete the membership application form.


Licensing objectives

The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 is based on 5 licensing objectives. All licensing decisions must be made with reference to these 5 objectives. All are of equal importance. They are:

  1. Preventing crime and disorder
  2. Securing public safety
  3. Preventing public nuisance
  4. Protecting and improving public health
  5. Protecting children from harm.

Local licensing forum annual report

The Local Licensing Forum annual report is now available, covering the period 2015-16.

Download the local licensing forum application form Read the 2015-16 summary report