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In terms of paragraph four, section five of the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020, this notice advices that the Scottish Borders Licensing Board is unable to comply with its obligations under Sections 9A and 9B Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 to public within the required legal timeframe their Annual Functions and Financial Reports 2019-20 for reasons relating to COVID-19.

The reasions include that many staff in the licensing team are currently temporarily redeployed to our other teams to assist in COVID-19 related work, including community hubs and administration of grants for businesses and self employed.

In terms of their powers under paragraph four, section five of the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020, the Board estimates that they will publish these reports no later than 31 December 2020

Scottish Borders Licensing Board Policy statement

Scottish Borders Licensing Board has carried out its statutory requirement to review its Policy Statement on a five yearly basis and its current Policy Statement is effective from November 2018-23.

Further statistical information is incorporated in the Licensing Board Overprovision Statement.

Ten Year Renewal of Personal Licences

In terms of Section 78 of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, if you wish to continue to hold your Personal Licence which allows you to authorise and supervise the sale of alcohol on licensed premises you must make an application to renew your Personal Licence no later than three months before its expiry date.

Personal Licences issued on 1 September 2009 will expire on 31 August 2019. Renewal applications must be submitted before 31 May 2019. The Board has no discretion to renew an application received after that date which may lead to delays in a new grant application being processed. If you are a Designated Premises Manager (DPM) this could mean you are unable to carry out a DPM role until your new licence is granted and this may result in the sale of alcohol not being allowed at the premises.

Licensing Board Reports

Equalities - Public sector duties

The Scottish Borders Licensing Board has published equality outcomes in terms of its duties under the Equality Act 2010.

Minimum Unit Pricing for Alcohol In Effect from 1 May 2018

Licensing Board Publication Scheme

The publication scheme lists classes of information available from Scottish Borders Licensing Board and how to access them