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Census 2011 - based Profiles About Scottish Borders

The Scottish Population Census is a key source of demographic data which produces useful outputs at various geographic levels. It is conducted once every 10 years and the data take around another two years before they are released to the public. The most recent Census was in 2011. 

All Area Profiles use Census data, sometimes combined with data from other official statistics providers, as the means for obtaining accurate population and household estimates about communities.

The smallest building block for Census based profiles is the Census Output Area. These are areas of at least 50 people that are used for collecting and analysing the Census.

Area Profiles of any size or shape can be built up from Census Output Areas. These are very useful for very small communities such as Community Councils. Sometimes, the Census is the only source of information about population change in communities as small as Community Council Areas.

Other neighbourhood level geographic boundaries include:

  • Scottish datazones
  • settlements
  • school catchment areas
  • multi-member Electoral Wards
  • area partnerships

If you would like an area profile based on 2011 Census Data for your Community Council, Ward or other local area, contact our Research and Information Team.

There is a long wait between Censuses so if the information in the profiles is insufficiently up to date for your needs, contact our Research and Information Team. Although more up to date figures may not be available for your exact neighbourhood, there may be alternative figures for your best-fitting Datazone, Ward or Area Partnership area from other official data providers.