Jedburgh Campus

Library/Contact Centre FAQs

Why has the decision been made to move the library and contact centre to the new Campus?

Jedburgh Grammar Campus is a significant £32m investment in the town and will provide an innovative and flexible facility which will cater for all ages of the community in one location.

While we will continue to take forward investments such as this, we have also been reviewing our properties across the Borders as part of our Fit for 2024 programme which requires us to make significant savings.

The current estate and running costs across all Borders communities are not sustainable and therefore we have no choice but to reduce the number of properties we run.

As a result, with the new campus including a new library and contact centre, the current buildings will no longer be required to deliver services.

What are the benefits of having both facilities within the campus?

The new library and contact centre are being developed to meet customer needs in 2020.

There will be longer opening hours for the library and provision of digital services to improve accessibility.

The library and contact centre will not be in a fixed area, with large, flexible areas within the campus also available to both services.

What will the new library and contact centre opening hours be?

The hours are being finalised and will be communicated in advance of the campus opening.

However, there will be an increase from opening hours at the current library/contact centre which is 25 hours per week.

How will the public be able to access books? 

In the same way they currently do at the library/contact centre.

Will public transport be provided from the town centre to the campus?

We are currently in discussions with the community about supporting a new community-led transport project which would aim to provide a link from the town centre to the campus.

Will there be security doors to access the new library and contact centre?

No. The library and contact centre facilities will be open for use by the community, along with other facilities.

Will pupils be using the library at the same time as members of the public?

Pupils will be able to access the community library while being supervised by teachers. However, there will also be opportunities across all of the learning spaces for young people to read books and research materials for their classwork.