Notice of decision

Ettrick Primary School

On 29 August 2019 we considered the statutory consultation process undertaken regarding Ettrick Primary School and the terms of the Consultation Report dated 19 June 2019.

The proposal to close Ettrick Primary School will take effect from 20 December 2019, in accordance with Section 11A(3) of the Schools Consultation (Scotland) Act 2010.

Notification and representation to Scottish Ministers

In accordance with Section 15 (2) and 2(A) of the Schools Consultation (Scotland) Act 2010, as amended, we have informed Scottish Ministers of its decision to approve the proposal to close Ettrick Primary School.

The legislation allows for any person to make representations either against or to support the closure to Scottish Ministers within three weeks of the final decision to implement a closure proposal. Any representations to Scottish Ministers need to be with the Ministers within three weeks of this date. Therefore, any representations must be made to Scottish Ministers by midnight on 19 September 2019.

Anyone wishing to make representation to Scottish Ministers during the three week period referred to above should do so by email to [email protected] or in writing to:

The Scottish Government
School Infrastructure Unit
Area 2B (North)
Victoria Quay

The Scottish Ministers have a period of eight weeks following an authority's decision in which to decide whether to call in the decision or not.

Further information is available by contacting:

The School Estates Team
Tel: 01835 824000

Email: [email protected] (please indicate Ettrick Primary School in the email subject header)

Publication of consultation report

This Consultation Report was published from 18 June 2019 until 18 July 2019. Allowing all parties to review the document prior to a final submission to us on 29 August 2019.

Proposals and consultation for education provision at Ettrick Primary School

Formal consultation

On 7 November 2017 Scottish Borders Executive Committee agreed to progress the statutory consultation process for Ettrick Primary School.  

An options appraisal process was undertaken, analysing all the reasonable options for Ettrick Primary School, which had been mothballed in 2012. The Options Appraisal process concluded that closure was the most reasonable option.

A Proposal Paper was prepared making the proposals that:

  • Ettrick Primary School be permanently closed and
  • Ettrick Primary School’s catchment be permanently re-zoned to Kirkhope Primary School.

The consultation was undertaken in line with the requirements of the Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010.

The consultation period ran from 4 March 2019 until 28 April 2019.

Public meetings

A public meeting was held at Boston Memorial Hall, Ettrick to discuss the proposals on 26 March 2019. The meeting was an opportunity for interested parties to:

  • hear more about the proposals
  • ask questions about the proposals
  • have their views recorded so that they could be taken into account as part of the consultation process

Anyone wishing to attend was invited to do so.

Details of the presentation given at the meeting and a minute of the meeting can be found in the Consultation Report.