Inspire Learning latest FAQs

Is Inspire Learning being funded from specific Scottish Government funding?

No, it is funded entirely from our budget.

Is Inspire Learning taking funding away from using money to employ teachers etc?

No, this is an additional investment on top of what is already invested in Education.  

How is the delivery of the programme being managed?

An Inspire Learning Board oversees the programme and is chaired by our Chief Executive. A project manager and project team is in place and working with our partners, CGI, XMA and Apple, and schools to deliver the programme.

What support is in place for teachers?

A full training and development programme is in place for teachers. We are absolutely committed to supporting all teachers with training and development as part of the programme.  

Will schools have spare iPads for new starts etc?

Yes, all schools will have access to a supply of devices for this purpose, as well as to allow for any breakages etc.

Will teachers have the ability to lock screens/freeze iPads for pupils in class?


Can teachers see the pupils’ history?


Will teachers have ‘targets’ around how often they should be using the technology in class?

No, but we will be expecting teachers to engage fully in the programme and maximise all opportunities to use the technology wherever possible. We will have oversight of data which will show the level of use across all schools.  

Through the training and development programme, best practice within the Borders, and the wider community of global Apple users will be shared with teachers to support them in making the best possible use of the technology in learning and teaching.

Can my child get a keyboard?

Yes, we will provide equipment such as keyboards to pupils on a case by case basis depending on the requirement(s) and needs of the pupils.

Will there be charging points in school?


When will my school get Inspire Learning?

The roll out to secondary schools has been completed. 

The primary school roll-out is beginning in June 2020, with devices delivered to pupils' homes due to the COVID-19 restrictions.