I’ve lost my activation codes/forgotten my username/password

The school office will be able to remind you of your activation codes and username. They can also reset your password if you have forgotten it (alternatively, if you know you username, you can click on the link on ParentPay and we will email you to your verified email address).

I already have a ParentPay account for another one of my children, can I merge their accounts?

Yes, log into the account you want to use as your master ParentPay account, go to Add a Child and enter your new activation codes. Follow the on screen instructions to add your children at any ParentPay school from one account (up to six children).

My child receives a Free School Meal, why do I still have to book their meals?

By letting the kitchen know what days you would like your child to eat, you are helping them with producing the right amount of meals.

What time can I make a booking up until?

You can book meals up until 9.30am on the day. You can also cancel your meals if you need to.

My child is not going into school but I have a meal booked, what do I do?

You should cancel your meal before 9.30am on the day to receive a refund. If your child leaves school mid morning, it may have already been cooked, so it will be up to the kitchen if they can refund you for that meal.

Why can’t I book? I have red crosses on the days I want to order

You may be in the ‘Menu and Selections’ screen which is just used to review what orders have already been placed. Please make your meal bookings in the Make Bookings page.

Why have I received an email to tell me my meals have been cancelled?

You will need to ensure you have sufficient balance for your child when you book your meals. You have two hours to pay for the bookings or they are automatically cancelled.

Why does my account balance still show a positive balance once I’ve booked meals?

We need you to pay for meals when you book, but we don’t debit your account until the day of the meal, so you will see a reducing balance as each meal is taken.

Will I have to pay to use ParentPay?

ParentPay is a free service for parents.

I’ve changed my email address, what do I do?

Please log into your ParentPay account and go to View/Edit Profile. You can amend your contact details there.

I need another account for another family member to pay and book meals

Please ask at the school office and they will be able to set up another ParentPay login for your child’s account. You won’t be able to see each other’s personal details, but will see payments and account balance for the child.

Where can I get more help?

If you have any queries, please go to ParentPay website and check out the Parent FAQs section under Parent Support. If you still need help, please speak to the school office or complete a parent support request form (this can be found in the Parent Support section) and ensure you tell us your ParentPay username, child’s name, school and the nature of your query. A member of ParentPay Support will respond to your query.