Galashiels Community Campus

Developing and improving the education infrastructure within the Scottish Borders has been a major focus for us in recent years.

Pupils are at the heart of everything we do and by investing in their future we can improve the life chances of young people across the Borders and offer the highest quality education possible.

Funding to replace the existing Galashiels Academy with a new community campus was approved the Scottish Government in December 2020.

The consultation process for replacing the existing Galashiels Academy began in early 2021, with an informal community consultation.

The current aim is for the new campus to open in 2025.

Initial informal consultation

An informal community consultation on plans for a new secondary school in Galashiels ran between 18 March and 25 April to allow members of the community to provide their feedback on the proposals.

Due to the restrictions in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this took place virtually on an online consultation platform.

The consultation outlined five options for the replacement of Galashiels Academy, including our preferred option for a new 1,000+ pupil school to be largely built within the existing school boundary and a portion of the town’s Scott Park.

Various videos outlining the vision for the proposed campus, with animated fly-throughs of what the facility may look like and interviews with pupils and members of the community were featured on the website.

The informal consultation closed to the public on 26 April but can still be viewed.

Please note that the opportunity for members of the public to submit their views at this stage of the consultation has closed. Further opportunities to submit feedback as the consultation progresses will be publicised in due course.

Next steps and further consultation

Following the closure of this initial phase of the consultation, the feedback will be reflected upon and used to help prepare a report to Council in late spring recommending the next steps for the project.

This will be followed by a Proposal of Application Notice (PAN), which will take place during summer 2021, followed by a full planning application, both offering a further opportunity to comment and feedback.

A statutory education consultation, focused on the educational benefits of a new school rather than the site or building itself, will also commence shortly with the aim of obtaining feedback from the school community.