Benefits and Financial Support

Older people

Attendance allowance

You may be entitled to attendance allowance if you are over 65 years old and need help with your personal care because you are physically or mentally disabled. There is more information available, including how to apply on the Government website.

Carers Allowance

If you're 16 or over and care for someone for more than 35 hours per week, you may be able to claim Carers Allowance. Full details of eligibility criteria can be found on the Government website. Claiming carers allowance can affect other benefits of both the carer and the person being cared for.

Carers Allowance Supplement

This is an extra payment for people in Scotland who get Carers Allowance on a particular date. Carers Allowance Supplement is paid 2 times in a year. More details can be found on the Scottish Government website.

Community Care Grant

This will help you cope financially if you have special difficulties and require goods such as furniture and appliances. Cash payment are made in certain circumstances. You can find out more information, including who is eligible and how to apply, on our Community Care Grant page.

Council Tax Reduction

Council Tax Reduction helps people with low income to pay their Council Tax. We assess how much you are entitled to based on your income, savings and the number of people living in your household. You can find out if you are entitled to Council Tax Reduction and how to apply on our Council Tax Reduction page.

Crisis Grant

A Crisis Grant is a sum of money that can help cover costs of essentials in times of crisis. You can find out more information including who is eligible and how to apply on our Crisis Grant page.

Free TV Licence

If you are over 75 and receive Pension Credit you do not have to pay the annual fee for a TV Licence. You can find out more information, including who is entitled and how to apply, on the TV Licensing website.

Funeral Support Payment

If you are on a low income and are responsible for the funeral of the deceased, you may qualify for a funeral support payment. You can find out more including how to apply on the Scottish Government website. You can also phone Social Security Scotland on 0800 182 222.

Help paying your rent

Assistance is available through Discretionary Housing Payment and Housing Benefit. You can find information on eligibility, how to check entitlement and how to apply on our help paying your rent page page. If you receive Universal Credit housing element, you are not eligible for Housing Benefit but can apply for Discretionary Housing Payment.

Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit

You can claim industrial injuries disablement benefits (IIDB) if you are ill or disabled because of an accident or disease from work or an employment training scheme or course. You can find out more information, including how to apply on the Government website.

Pension credit

You can claim pension credit once you have reached State Pension age. You can find out how much pension credit you can get by using the pension credit calculator. For more information and how to claim pension credit go to the Government website.

State Pension

You can claim your State Pension as soon as you reach State Pension age. To find out more information, including how to claim, visit the Government website.

Warm Home Discount

You may be able to get a £150 discount on your electricity bill if you are in receipt of certain benefits as well as meet other criteria. You can find out more information about eligibility and how to apply by contacting your energy provider.

Winter Fuel Payment

If you are state pension age you will automatically get a Winter Fuel Payment to help with your heating bills. You can find more information about Winter Fuel Payment, including who is eligible and you will receive this payment, on the Government website.

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Citizens Advice Bureau

For further general benefits advice contact your Local Citizens Advice Bureau