Gypsy/Traveller site provision

Gypsy/Traveller site provision proposals

A new Local Housing Strategy covering the period 2023-2028 is currently being developed. As part of that we are seeking to provide sufficient suitable authorised sites to meet the identified residential accommodation needs of Gypsy/Travellers in the area, with a particular aim of reducing the incidence of unauthorised encampments. 

A report on the Gypsy/Traveller Site Provision Needs Analysis and Consultation was provided to Council on 15 December. This confirmed that no potentially suitable sites currently in Council ownership had been identified for Gypsy/Traveller accommodation provision.

It was therefore agreed that in early 2023 a Call for Sites would be undertaken to help identify suitable land opportunities.

Call for sites 

The Call for Sites invites land owners, developers, agents or any other interested parties to submit proposed sites in the Scottish Borders area that they think might be suitable for consideration.

All submitted sites will be assessed using criteria based on needs identified through the Local Housing Strategy’s Gypsy/Traveller needs analysis and Scottish Government guidance on minimum site standards. 

Proposals should be submitted on the pro forma document below with a separate form required for each site. These should be accompanied by a location plan, clearly showing the site boundary.

Closing date for submissions is Friday 14 April 2023.

Once the call for sites has been concluded, any potential sites will be shortlisted for consideration. Should they meet the relevant criteria, the next step will be for each site to be subject to a full public consultation.

A report on the findings of any consultations would require to be taken back to Council for the next steps to be agreed.

A full Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) will also be completed.

More information

If you have any queries about the above, please email: 

Information about our current Gypsy/Traveller provision is available on our website.