Antisocial behaviour

Antisocial behaviour FAQ

There is noise and disturbance, music/partyshouting, coming from a neighbouring property. What should I do?

Call the Police on 101 and report it, you will get an incident number for reference. There are no out of hours agencies other than the police that have the powers to act.

Who will deal with house owners or tenants of private landlords if I have a complaint?

Our Antisocial Behaviour Unit (ASBU).

I would just like to let my neighbour know that what they are doing is upsetting me, but I don't want to upset them, what can I do?

Ask our Mediation Officer to make contact, many disputes that are at an early stage are better resolved this way.

I know my neighbour has an ASBO but they are still causing problems, what can I do?

Call 101 and report the matter to the Police, they are responsible for enforcement of the conditions. Only the police can enforce the condition of an ASBO.

What responsibilities does my landlord have in dealing with complaints about antisocial behaviour?

They are required to try an address the issue under the Act, if you are having problems with a private landlord not being supportive then please contact the ASBU.

My neighbour is causing a disturbance during the day but I have heard that the cut off is 11pm at night for noise, it is causing me distress, what can I do?

This is now an urban myth, there is no stipulated time. If the behaviour is causing alarm and distress, then you should report it, primarily to the police, but at least to your landlord and ASBU.

What is a incident diary sheet?

A incident diary sheet is a log that you asked to maintain when you first report ASB, they are important and are used nationally. Although there may be slight variations on design, they serve the same purpose, they are in effect signed statements from you that what you have recorded is true and accurate. Diary sheets will be used to take further action against individuals.

Will the person I am complaining about get to see my diary sheets?

Not in the initial stages, the only time that they would be made available to the perpetrator of ASB is if there is a court action being raised to apply for an ASBO. You may also be cited to be a witness and you may also be cross examined about what you have written in your diary sheets. At no other stage before that time, would your diary sheets be shared with anyone.

I have been reporting ASB for ages and nothing is being done, why?

All reports are fully investigated and where evidence is coming from others as well, it is easier to progress a case. Sometimes there are things being done and you won't be informed because under the terms of Data Protection we will have limitations as to what we can disclose. If you feel it has been too long since you have heard from anyone, please just call, we are happy to give an overview.

There is dogs barking all the time in my neighbour's property, what can be done about it?

This should be reported to Environmental Health who will send an officer to investigate and take any appropriate action. You can report this online as an excessive noise complaint. If you have a landlord, you should try reporting it to them in the first instance.