Visual impairment

Equipment for independent living

There is a wide range of specialist equipment available which can help you to maintain a measure of independence in your daily life. We can offer certain items of equipment on a free loan basis subject to assessment of need or can suggest an appropriate provider.

Help reading newspapers and books

If you are having difficulty reading newspapers, magazines and books, we can provide advice about talking books, newspapers and magazines which are available from local as well as national agencies.

Help transcribing printed material

The RNIB Scottish Transcription Centre in Glasgow can transcribe ordinary printed material into a medium to suit your needs. This includes:

  • audio transcription
  • braille translation
  • large print
  • tactile diagrams

Scottish Braille Press now part of Sight Scotland is a leading UK provider of accessible media, transcribing documents for a wide range of professional clients into Braille, Large Print and Audio formats. In addition, they produce magazines and books in Braille and are proud to be an employer that supports people with disabilities.

Access technology

Being able to use computers, laptops, tablets and smart/mobile phones and other gadgets for work, leisure and keeping in contact are key tools for people with low vision and sight loss. Information is available about the various access technology solutions and providers that can help you make the best use of your gadgets.

Download the Low Vision Services information book

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