How our sensory services team can help

We support people who are deaf (sign language users), deafened, hard of hearing or who have a visual impairment. If you are experiencing difficulties with your sight or hearing, or both, you can see one of these specialist workers:

  • rehabilitation worker with people who have a visual impairment
  • specialist worker (level two BSL) who works with people who are BSL users
  • community care assessor (equipment) with people who are Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing

What do we do?

We work closely with people who have either low vision or are deaf (sign language users), hard of hearing and their carers.

  • you will usually be offered a home visit
  • we will talk with you about the kind of help you think you need
  • we will agree together on what would best support you

Some people have both a hearing loss and low vision. These factors are taken into account at the initial assessment stage and if necessary the team will work together to offer additional support.

Equipment which may help promote your independence and allow you to remain safe in your home can be demonstrated. Certain items can be issued on free loan basis, subject to assessment. Often you will be signposted to reputable organisations where the equipment we demonstrate can  be privately purchased.

Support for carers

Carers are entitled to have an assessment in their own right. Find out more about support for carers.

Find out more

If you are experiencing difficulties with your vision, hearing or have a family member, relative or friend who would benefit from support, please contact us.

Older People and Sensory Loss RNIB Scotland's Joint Sensory Service

RNIB Scotland are working with partners, including Action on Hearing Loss Scotland, to raise issues that affect people with sight or hearing loss.

They have produced a series of videos that address issues faced by older people who experience sight and hearing loss. These give information on a range of subjects including the causes of sight loss, the signs of hearing loss and what support is available.

Download the Sensory Services information leaflet Download the Low Vision Services information book Download the Hearing Difficulties booklet

Sensory services team

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