Visual impairment

Rehabilitation services and advice

You may also be offered a rehabilitation assessment. This can include:

  • advice on appropriate lighting, preferred contrast levels and the use of low vision equipment
  • practical advice and training in the use of specifically designed, commercially available aids to promote independent living
  • training in mobility and orientation needs as well as making the best use of public transport
  • learning compensatory communication skills e.g. an awareness and signposting to organisations who can help with new technology and IT skills
  • information on the range of services that are available to you, within education, training and employment as well as social and recreational activities
  • support to enable continued involvement in your community

We can set up a programme of practical help to meet your individual needs. We are also trained to listen, understand and help you in getting through any feelings of loss you may be having.

Our service can also offer advice and information on various eye conditions and on a wide range of topics related to sight loss.

We are often asked for information and practical advice on Charles Bonnet syndrome. This is a common condition which can cause people who are experiencing sight loss to see things that are not really there. These are known as visual hallucinations.

Always see your GP if you're experiencing hallucinations so they can investigate the cause.

The Macular Society provides more information on this subject with booklets to download.

Esme's Umbrella is an awareness campaign for Charles Bonnet syndrome, has a website with links to information and helpful resources for both people with sight loss and healthcare professionals.

Watch the RNIB short film on Charles Bonnet syndrome.

Download the Low Vision Services information book

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