Bail Supervision and Electronic Monitoring

Bail Supervision

The bail supervision scheme is designed to minimise the numbers of accused held on remand in custody.  This could be prior to trial/conviction or following conviction where the Court are waiting on reports.  It can be used where a level of supervision, monitoring and support may help someone to adhere to bail.  It involves:

  • Monitoring – There will be a minimum of three contacts each week with their Bail Supervision Officer or another worker outlined in their plan for the first month.  This will reduce down to one contact per week as a minimum. 
  • Support/Advice – The Bail Supervision Officer will offer support and advice and refer into partner agencies where needed (e.g. substance use and housing)
  • Reporting – Information will be provided to the Court on the person's compliance with the conditions of Supervised Bail.  Non-compliance will result in warnings being issued immediately followed by a breach report being submitted to Police Scotland swiftly.

Electronic Monitoring

Electronic monitoring (EM) can now be utilised as part of Bail as additional monitoring.  Monitoring assists with ensuring a person remains in a specific place for a particular time period, be excluded from a specific location, or expected to attend a specific location within a timeframe. EM can be tailored to specific conditions related to the person (e.g. restrictions only at evenings/weekends or to avoid people/places which may be detrimental to them).  It can be imposed as a standalone option of Bail or as an addition to Bail Supervision. 


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