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17-25 year old advanced driver course

Free sponsorship to become a better driver

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So you think you are a good driver?

  • if you are under 26 years of age, live in the Scottish Borders and want to improve your driving skills you can receive free sponsorship from us to become an advanced driver
  • delivered through IAM RoadSmart
  • the cost of the course is £149 but under the sponsorship scheme, the entire amount is refunded when you pass the advanced driving test
  • so while you pay the fee up front when booking, you will get the entire amount back providing you complete the course, and pass
  • if you do not quite make the grade first time, you can take a second test free of charge
  • course is part of the Drivewise Scheme, which also offers courses for under 17 schoolchildren and older drivers to ensure Borders motorists of all ages
  • there have now been well over 100 young drivers pass the advanced driver course thanks to our funding
  • current pass rate for course is 95%

Facts and figures

  • an average of 54 accidents a week involve a young driver aged between 17-25
  • they account for ten per cent of all licence holders, yet young drivers are involved in 20% of accidents
  • sadly, those accidents lead to an average of one death and more than 70 people injured every week

Benefits of passing the advanced driving course

  • potential reduction in car insurance
  • one year subscription to IAM RoadSmart advanced driving magazine
  • a number of other great discounts

Survey of advanced drivers

  • 99% said the course improved their driving
  • 66% said it helped them avoid a crash
  • 90% said the course gave them greater awareness of other road users