Corporate credit cards

Like other public and private organisations across the country we sometimes use credit cards to buy goods and services.

This is a common, streamlined and efficient way of paying for things. Our credit card accounts are always paid in full and on time, meaning we don't have any interest payments or late fees.

Why use credit cards?

There are certain occasions where we use credit cards. Some discounts are only available on the internet and some items are only available from online stores.

There are guidelines for use of the cards which are followed closely by staff who have authorisation to use them. When something is bought on a credit card it is charged back to a department and that department will pay for it out of its budget.

If transactions aren't processed using credit cards they are put through our accounts payable system (for payments to suppliers) or through the payroll (for reimbursement of staff expenses).

Some of our employees go to business-related events and meetings on a regular basis, which may require accommodation, travel and meals. Using a credit card is the best and most transparent way of paying for these expenses as purchases are authorised and detailed records are kept and scrutinised regularly, both internally and externally.

What are we using our credit cards for?

The corporate credit cards are issued to some of the members of our Corporate Management Team. These are for use by all officers in their respective departments for transactions that meet the criteria set out above.

We are committed to regularly publishing details on our credit card spending.

Credit card statements

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