Budget 2018-2023

Budget 2018

Our budget plans were agreed on 20 February 2018.  A five year revenue plan of £1.3bn was agreed, as well as a ten year, £294m capital plan.

The budget protects frontline services and sees investment in many areas. This includes:

  • £2.1m over three years for new and improved outdoor community spaces
  • £0.282m for a community policing team to prevent low level criminal activity and deal with issues such as parking
  • £4.8m for a specialist dementia residential facility
  • Over £22m investment in roads and bridges over three years, with £79m planned investment over the next 10 years
  • £89m to improve the school estate over 10 years
  • £11.7m contribution to the £41m Hawick Flood Protection Scheme
  • £2m towards the re-opening of Reston Station
  • £0.799m to support the regeneration of Eyemouth
  • £1m to assist in delivering town centre regeneration
  • £2m for road safety works at the A72 Dirtpot Corner in 2018/19

Budget Consultation

We asked for your feedback on our budget for 2018/19 and this generated a large number of comments and ideas. Due to the number of responses received, it was impossible to reply to every single suggestion.  We have gathered your feedback into themes and provided information about how your ideas have been used to inform the 2018/19 – 2022/23 financial planning process.

These documents are available from the we asked, you said, we did webpage.

Corporate Transformation programme

We have a Corporate Transformation programme in place to support the delivery of our savings.

See how the Council is performing.

Download equality impact assessment for 2018/19 Financial Plan