Our budget 2020/21

We will set a five-year budget in February 2020 which requires the delivery of over £5m of savings every year for the next five years.

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Our budget 2019/20

Our 2019/20 budget was approved at the full Council meeting held on 28 February.

Significant investments agreed

As part of the agreed budget, a wide range of significant investments will be delivered. Key announcements from the budget include:

• The roll-out of the Inspire Learning programme to every school within two years
• Funding for the replacement of Eyemouth and Earlston Primary Schools
• Funding towards a new Galashiels Academy and to accelerate a new Hawick High School
• Funding for a second police Community Action Team (CAT)
• A consolidated Community Fund of over £1.2m devolved to Area Partnerships to help support local decision making
• An extra £2.3m for roads and pavements  
• An additional £3million in new extra care housing.

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Council Tax

A Council tax increase of 4 per cent was also agreed to provide funding for the investment of an extra £2.3m over four years for roads and pavements, and also to accelerate the replacement of Hawick High School.

Financial Plan

Our updated financial plan will be published in due course. You can view the Administration's budget.

Understanding how our budget works

This handy video explains how our budget works and the difference between revenue and capital.

Budget Consultation Feedback

A summary of the feedback received during our 2019/20 budget consultation is in our we asked, you said, we did webpage.

Equality Impact Assessment

View the Equality Impact Assessment for our budget.


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