Service Overview

Bin presentation guidance

To help us make collections as efficient, and safe as possible for our collection crews we ask that bins/bags be presented for collection:

  • at the designated collection point by 7am on the scheduled collection day. We won't return for bins or bags which are presented late, until the next scheduled collection day
  • containing the right stuff in the right bin or bag. See what goes in each bin and our contamination process
  • with bin handles facing the roadway to ensure the ease and safety of collections by our crews
  • with any stones, chains, padlocks, bungees etc removed from the bin and lid
  • with bin lids closed to ensure the safety of our collection crews and prevent wind-blown litter
  • not overfilled or too heavy as we may not be able to collect it

Householders should:

  • keep access to bins clear on collection days and don't place items around or in front of bins that block access
  • ensure vehicles are parked considerately on collection days so they don't block access for the collection vehicle or staff
  • remove your bin from the collection point and return it to your property as soon as possible after the collection
  • identify your bin with your house name or number
  • treat our staff with the respect you would similarly expect in return
  • check collection days using the online collection day lookup
  • check social media and our website at Christmas and New Year and on the rare occasions when extreme weather conditions occur, to ensure you're aware of any temporary service changes