Privacy statement

Other organisations and international transfers

Other organisations

We may need to provide other organisations with personal information to allow them to carry out some activities on our behalf.

These organisations may include:

  • payment processing organisations
  • delivery organisations
  • mailing houses
  • contractors or consultants providing services to the council (or directly to service users)
  • Royal Mail CFH Docmail Limited, who carry out online print and post service for us

 We select these organisations carefully and put measures in place to make sure that they are not allowed to do anything with your personal information which we could not do ourselves.

International transfers

Almost all council data is held within the European Union (EU). 

Any data transfers outwith the EU require additional internal approvals and we only send data overseas where we have been able to put in place measures to make sure that your personal information is as safe and respected in the overseas country, or countries in question, as it is in the UK. 

If we need to transfer your personal information overseas in relation to a particular activity, this will be explained in the specific privacy statements relating to that function along with a description of the protective measures we have put in place to keep it secure.

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