Research and data in the Scottish Borders: Place

Transport and accessibility

Why is it important to have statistics about transport and accessibility?

Local Authorities set their outcomes and objectives within the context of the Scottish Government National Performance framework, which is themed around our children, our communities, our economy, reducing poverty and increasing environmental sustainability. Transport and accessibility is a cross-cutting theme in all these objectives. Access to services by private or public transport and by digital and telecommunication means is essential to making the region a vibrant, safe, affordable, nurturing and equal-opportunities place to live, work and visit.

Scottish Borders plays its part in the National Performance Framework by working towards making our region the best place in Scotland for every Scottish Borders citizen to live, regardless of their protected characteristics. For this, we need robust information to measure how we are performing as a society and within our communities.

Scottish Borders policy framework 

The 2022-23 Scottish Borders Council Plan is key to our policy framework on how we plan to deliver services in the next few years.  It consists of six outcome priorities, which are informed by an evidence base, including the strategic assessment.  Transport and accessibility is referenced particularly in outcome 3:"Strong, inclusive economy, transport and infrastructure".  You can see how we are doing in delivering on this outcome in our quarterly and annual performance reports.

We are building a strong, inclusive economy, transport and infrastructure by delivering the following:

Our region's transport infrastructure is planned and managed by several Directorates, and is central to our Strategic Development Plan and Local Development Plan. Digital Transformation is also at the heart of Fit for 2024, which aims to transform the region into a vibrant, rural community by making best use of our assets and maximising digital interactivity. Topics include:

Topic areas

There is a large amount of evidence from official statistics to inform our transport and accessibility development, across a wide range of topic areas.

Travel and transport statistics

Access deprivation

Digital inclusion

Official statistics are available on these topics at Scottish Borders level or sometimes below.  If you live, work or study in the Scottish Borders and would like help accessing and using these statistics, contact the Research and Information team using the contact details below.

Research and information team

Contact the Corporate Performance and Information Research and Information Team for demographics research-related enquiries

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