Advertising banners

Advertising banners in Galashiels

We have received a significant numbers of complaints over the volume of unauthorised advertising banners in Galashiels and we will be strictly enforcing our policy on advertising banners. 

Due to genuine road safety concerns unauthorised roadside advertising will not be permitted.

Authorised advertising banners 

The only banners that will be permitted are not-for-profit, charity and community events. These can be placed on Abbotsford Road railings between the Fire Station and the bus shelter to advertise an event seven days in advance. 

If a commercial company wishes to advertise then they are required to go through the formal planning process for advertising consent.

Removal of unauthorised advertising banners

Any other advertising banners found on railings, bridges, verges and road sides in Galashiels area will be removed.

If you have erected an unauthorised banner and it has been removed then it will be held at our headquarters for 14 days.

If it has not been collected then it will be recycled.

Alternative advertising

We suggests that a company or event looks to advertise:

  • in local newspapers
  • on local radio
  • through social media

Locations where advertising banners are not permitted            

  • Abbotsford Road (unauthorised banners)
  • Tesco junction
  • George Craig Bridge
  • Bank Street Brae
  • outside Macari’s café
  • outside Volunteer Hall

Further information

To discuss please contact our Roads Safety team online.

Trunk roads

BEAR Scotland are the managers of the trunk road network in the Scottish Borders. Any concerns over banners on trunk roads, such as A7 south of Galashiels and A6091 Melrose bypass and their associated roundabouts, should be reported directly to BEAR Scotland.