Community planning

Community planning partnership

We work closely with partners for the benefit of people in the Borders.

Examples include:

  • Joint work with NHS Borders to ensure school menus are healthy
  • Social work staff working with staff in the Borders General Hospital to ensure that older patients are discharged as quickly as possible to a safe environment.

Assessing the needs of our Border residents and communities

We need to have a clear understanding of the needs of the population we serve and this is done in a variety of ways:

How is our partnership organised?

We have a simple structure comprising:

  • a Board
  • a Chief Officers' group
  • 3 themes (Reducing Inequalities, Economy and Low Carbon, Future Services Reform)
  • 5 locally based area forums (Berwickshire, Cheviot, Eildon, Teviot & Liddesdale and Tweeddale)

We have a statutory duty to lead community planning and the Board meets quarterly.

NHS Borders are also on the board, along with a range of other public and third sector partner representatives.

The structure diagram is available for further information on how the partnership is organised.

Community planning partners and their strategic plans

As well as a number of statutory partners, we also work closely with a range of other partners in the Scottish Borders.

Statutory partners

Non-statutory partners

Their strategic plans are influenced by the priorities coming through our partnership discussions.  These have a vital contribution to make to the quality of life in the Borders.

How do I get involved with community planning?

You may already be involved with a group (e.g. Community Council Network) that already feeds into one of the key 3 themes.

Anyone can attend their local area forum to hear:

  • what we are doing with our partners
  • ask about service delivery
  • hear about specific projects that affect your area

Our vision for the Scottish Borders

"By 2013, quality of life will have improved for those who are currently living within our most deprived communities, through a stronger economy and through targeted partnership action."

Our priorities for the Scottish Borders

After an assessment of relevant data, statistics, local information, public opinion and the external context (see our strategic assessment), the Community Planning Partnership has agreed 3 key priorities:

  • Grow our economy and maximise the impact of the low carbon agenda
  • Reducing inequalities
  • Future service reform

Single Outcome Agreement (SOA)

  • We express the outcomes that we want to achieve for the Scottish Borders in our Single Outcome Agreement (SOA).  These are agreements between the Scottish Government and Community Planning Partnerships
  • We submitted a new SOA draft to the Scottish Government on 28th June 2013 which reflected the priorities we have identified and the way in which they contribute to improved quality of life in the Borders.  It was then formally signed off by Derek Mackay, Minister for Local Government and Planning on 3rd September 2013
  • Each year we submit a report to the Scottish Government that shows how we are doing against the indicators we have in our SOA

Community Engagement Framework

We have developed and adopted a Community Engagement Framework to guide community engagement work within partner organisations.  The Framework is supported by a Library of Guides.

An introduction to co-production has been designed to help staff understand, prepare and participate in co-production.