Placement appeals

If your child has not been offered a place at the school of your preference you have the right to appeal against the decision.

How to make an appeal

To make an appeal, contact the Chief Officer for Children & Young People’s Services at

The Appeals committee will hold a hearing where you can present your case.

Further appeals

If you are unhappy with the decision of the appeals committee you have the right of appeal to:

  • the Sheriff Court
  • the Additional Support Needs Tribunal
  • the Scottish Public Service Ombudsman (in writing)

Others who can represent you

If you wish, you may authorise someone else to complain on your behalf, such as an MSP, your local councillor, or another person whom your consider suitable to represent your interests.

Contact HQ Operations Team

Address: Council Headquarters
Newtown St. Boswells

Telephone: 0300 100 1800