Early Learning and Childcare

Where can I take the funded hours?

We currently deliver ELC through both school and funded providers.

Where possible all children will be able to access a funded place with their preferred provider, however this cannot be guaranteed. Therefore it is important to complete the `other choice’ in section one of the application form.

ELC hours can be taken in a variety of ways depending on the provider but within the framework of not more than 10 hours in any one day, max of 30 hours per week (23 hours if taking hours over 50 weeks per year) and no less than 38 weeks per year.

School nurseries

We have ELC provision in 50 primary schools.

Asymmetric schools- term time only

43 schools will offer places in an asymmetric pattern during over term time (38 weeks) with hours the same as the primary school. With this option your child would receive up to 30 hours per week. These schools will offer up to six and a half hours per day Monday to Thursday and four hours on a Friday.

Hub schools – up to 50 weeks per year

Nine Hub schools will be able to offer more flexible options of funded hours between 8am-6pm each day, with the option of longer days (up to 10 hours per day) and between 38 and 50 weeks of the year. 

Hub schools offer a variety of options for taking the hours including long mornings (8am-1pm), long afternoons (1pm-6pm) and asymmetric week places (in line with the school).

Funded providers – up to 50 weeks per year

We currently have a number of funded providers who deliver ELC. The numbers may change as providers join or leave the Framework.

  • 10 private nursery settings and 10 voluntary nursery/playgroup settings who operate from designated buildings
  • 10 childminders who operate from their home

Funded provider opening times and the number of weeks they offer funded hours over differs depending on the individual setting. However they may be able to offer more flexible options such as longer days (up to 10 hours per day) or more than 38 weeks.

When applying to any provider please indicate on the form the number of weeks you want to take the funding over. This will ensure you can maximise the number of funded hours per week you can access. 

The most up to date details can be found on the full list of providers.

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