Social media

Approach to connections on social media

We may choose to follow, like or otherwise establish connections with other organisations and individuals using social media. This is so that we can maintain contact with what other social media users are saying and, where appropriate, share their content. Sometimes we also need to establish a connection so that we can engage with users, such as via direct messages or posting. This is an emerging area of communications and as such we will review and amend our practice continuously.

General approach

We have a variety of different social media profiles and the following approach can be taken as applying to them all.

There is no fixed approach on who we will have in our networks, but as a guide, the connections may include the profiles of the following:

  • Scottish Borders Councillors or any other politician commenting on matters of interest to the Scottish Borders and the Council in particular
  • public, private and voluntary sector partner organisation
  • community organisations and campaigning groups
  • media and journalists
  • any other commentators or opinion formers that we may want to follow

We will become aware of new profiles to follow through our own work but may also choose to act when notified of a profile we may be interested in. It is not possible for us to automatically know about social media activity that might be of interest, such as if someone relevant to our work creates a Twitter profile. Decisions on who to connect with lie with the manager of the particular profile.


We do not implicitly or explicitly endorse any individual or organisation merely by creating a social media connection, regardless of the terms used by social media providers such as follow or like. Nor do we hold any responsibility for the content of such profiles.


Once connected, we will not remove a profile from our network unless there is some over-riding reason to do so, such as because it poses a risk to our reputation and credibility, or a breach of our obligations to maintain political neutrality.

It is not possible to be prescriptive on what would pose such a threat and each case will need to be considered on its own merits.

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