Street naming and numbering

FAQs on charges for service

Why have we introduced this charge?

In line with many other Councils in Scotland, we have decided to introduce a charge for this service. Given current public sector financial constraints, the charges being introduced are intended to cover the administrative costs incurred by us in providing the service.

How were the charge amounts decided upon?

Charges were established based on the typical administrative costs incurred in providing the service. This essentially relates to staff costs and these have been apportioned in line with expected volumes of demand for the service.

Do other Councils in Scotland charge for this service?

Yes, many other Councils in Scotland charge for this service. 

Who can I contact if I wish to discuss with anyone?

Please contact our Democratic Services team online who will be able to advise you on the services provided. Alternatively, find our second point of contact on 01835 826770.

What payment options are available?

Payment can be made by telephoning the Democratic Services team on 01835 826770. We can accept payment by card over the phone. We accept most debit and credit cards, but do not accept American Express, Diners Club, Electron or Solo.

What does the charge cover?

The charge covers the cost to us to provide the service. This includes the administration costs relating to the consultation process required, and for liaising with other service providers including the Emergency Services, utility providers and Royal Mail.

Are there developments which would be considered exempt for this charge?

No, the charges will apply in every case where a street is to be named or where a property requires to be named or numbered, or renamed/renumbered.

When can I apply for street naming and numbering?

Once your plans have been approved to build your house or development, you will be ready to apply. Please ensure you provide your Planning application number when applying

What does the renaming process involve?

Renaming of a property is when you’d like to change the current name to another name, or to change from a house number to a name. This involves the same administrative costs therefore fees are applicable.

What are the new fees?

The new fees as of 1 April 2023 are:

  • street naming fees are £179 per street
  • numbering fees are £87 per property
  • renaming fees are £87 per property

Are refunds offered on this service?

No, once the application for the service is made, the administrative works begins therefore the costs are incurred by us. If any changes are made to your planned house or development you would need to discuss this with Democratic Services.