Foster carer fees and allowances

Foster Carers in the Scottish Borders receive a fee for their services, and allowances for the children and young people in their care. More information on the financial support available to foster carers is available from our family placement team.

The basic structure for foster carer fees

Level Fee
Foster care fee - level one £164.82 per week
Foster care fee - level two £219.80 per week
Foster care retainer fee £18.78 per week

The retainer fee is paid in place of fees and allowances for any period of time when a foster carer does not have a foster child living with them. The retainer fee can be paid for up to a maximum of eight weeks.

When a carer has a child living with them, they receive the appropriate fees and allowances but not the retainer fee.

The basic structure for foster carer allowances

Age range Allowance
0-10 years £129.94 per week
11 years and over £194.88 per week

Further information

If you are interested in learning more about fostering in the Scottish Borders, or think you could offer a foster home to a child in need, contact our family placement team.