Kinship care

Sometimes relatives and family friends care for children because their parents are unable to do so. If you are looking after a child like this you are a kinship carer.

The following support is provided to kinship carers in the Scottish Borders.

Financial support

The support we provide depends on how you became a kinship carer.

The weekly payment before deductions is:

  • £168.31 for children ages 0-4
  • £195.81 for children ages 5-15
  • £268.41 for children ages 16+

We deduct benefits that you receive from this amount.

Kinship carers are asked to submit evidence of benefits received for the amount to be calculated.

Funding to support legal costs

If you want to apply for a legal order to secure the child in your care and do not qualify for legal aid you may be able to get help towards legal expenses. The funding is based on your circumstances.

You may be able to apply for retrospective support payments and will be considered for this based on individual circumstances.

Social, emotional and practical support

Kinship foster carers will receive support from the Resources team every three months to discuss any issues that they may have. They can contact the team any time if additional support is needed.


Kinship carers will be invited to attend training provided by the Resources team or other agencies.

Kinship care support group

There is a support group provided by Children 1st, for kinship carers to meet up, receive support and share information. For more information about the group, contact Sarah Axford by:

  • email
  • phone: 0175022892

More information

There is a Facebook page for foster carers, adopters and kinship carers in the Scottish Borders which provides regular updates on training and events.

Kinship carers will be added to a mailing list and will receive updates on the coffee group, training and events.

For more information please contact the Resources team by phone 01896 662799.

Independent advice and support

Find your local social work office

Family placement team

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Telephone: 01896 662799