Residential care

Residential care is offered to children in the Borders area who come from a range of backgrounds but who for some reason can no longer live with their families.

Wheatlands, Galashiels

Wheatlands provides a home for up to five young people at a time.

Young people who are assessed as requiring residential care and are usually aged between 12-16 years (although young people outside this age range may be considered in special circumstances) live at Wheatlands for a variety of reasons. Stays may be for a few days, weeks or longer.

Residential care service

Each resident is assigned two key workers who help to settle the young person in, and who keep in touch with the young person's family, friends and social worker.

During their stay, each young person is given as much opportunity as possible to contribute to:

  • day to day running of the house
  • menus
  • outings

Additionally, residents are actively encouraged to find an interest in a wide range of leisure interests and to discuss issues which interest, affect and concern them.

Leaving Wheatlands

The young person can stay at Wheatlands until a time when he or she either chooses to return to his or her family, chooses another form of care, or is able to move to independent accommodation such as:

  • board and lodgings
  • a supported flat
  • his or her own flat

Find out more

For more information, contact the family placement team.

Family placement team

Adoption, fostering and family placement

Address: Paton Street

Telephone: 01896 662799