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For the last 30 years, a diverse range of projects across the Scottish Borders have been supported by funding through the LEADER Programme.  This funding was awarded by Local Action Groups to projects that support delivery of a Local Development Strategy.

In the Scottish Borders, the Local Action Group (LAG) has recently been awarded approximately £400,000 funding from Scottish Government to distribute via a new funding programme entitled Community-Led Local Development or 'CLLD' programme. Funding is to be distributed and spent by the end of February 2023. The CLLD programme is designed to give local communities the power to tackle their own local challenges by building knowledge and skills, supporting new ideas and encouraging cooperation. 

We are looking to revamp the way that CLLD funding ‘works’ for our local communities, redesigning the systems and processes that made the previous LEADER incarnation a challenge to many groups. This new CLLD fund will be simpler to navigate, flexible to the needs of communities and focussed on building longer term, trust-based relationships. Details on the fund and application process will be available soon.

The LAG will be working in partnership with us to distribute this funding. In order to ensure the LAG reflects the diversity of interests of the Borders community it is currently looking to recruit new members to the LAG.

If you would like to offer the necessary time and skills to participate in this important role for the area please complete the application form and email to CLLDGrants@scotborders.gov.uk.