Equality and diversity/Fairer Scotland Duty

Integrated Impact Assessments

We have revised our impact assessment process to take into account a change in legislation and the addition of protected groups.

Formerly known as Equality Impact Assessment our method or tool for assessing impact has been renamed Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA).

IIA is a method or tool for assessing predicted effects or impacts of a policy or function on meeting the public sector equality duties to:

  • eliminate discrimination
  • promote equality of opportunity
  • and foster good relations between those who have an equality characteristic and those who do not

It also incorporates the Fairer Scotland Duty (Socio - economic disadvantage). This new duty requires us to:

  • show that we have actively considered (pay due regard to) how we can reduce socio economic inequalities in the strategic decisions that we make
  • publish a short written assessment on how we have done this

Strategic has been given a broad interpretation in this regard and means:

  • high level public sector decisions
  • decisions which affect how a public body fulfils its intended purpose, over a significant period of time

Purpose of assessing integrated impact

IIA is a tool for designing out discrimination and removing barriers to equal access and outcomes for people who have equality characteristics and experience disadvantage due to socio economic factors. 

Any time we plan a new service, review an existing one, or develop a policy we think about the range of people who might use that service, or be affected by that policy and what barriers to access we might be creating unintentionally.