Community planning

Community planning partnership

The Scottish Borders Community Planning Partnership works for the benefit of people in the Borders.

Examples of partnership working include:

  • Joint work with NHS Borders to ensure school menus are healthy
  • Social work staff working with staff in the Borders General Hospital to ensure that older patients are discharged as quickly as possible to a safe environment

Our vision for the Scottish Borders

"By 2023, quality of life will have improved for those who are currently living within our most deprived communities, through a stronger economy and through targeted partnership action."

Our priorities for the Scottish Borders

After an assessment of relevant data, statistics, local information, public opinion and the external context (see our strategic assessment) the Community Planning Partnership has agreed 3 key priorities:

Single Outcome Agreement (SOA)

  • We express the outcomes that we want to achieve for the Scottish Borders in our Single Outcome Agreement (SOA).  These are agreements between the Scottish Government and Community Planning Partnerships
  • We submitted a new SOA draft to the Scottish Government on 28th June 2013 which reflected the priorities we have identified and the way in which they contribute to improved quality of life in the Borders.  It was then formally signed off on 3rd September 2013
  • Each year we submit a report to the Scottish Government that shows how we are doing against the indicators we have in our SOA

Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act

The Community Empowerment Bill received Royal Assent and became an Act on 24 July 2015. Different parts of the Act will come in to force at different times. The Act stipulates a duty on CPP partners to work together with local communities to improve services.