Learning disabilities

Citizens panels in action

Our meetings work well, where there is a balance of family carers and members with a learning disability.

We discuss a lot of topics at the panel meeting.

Members request specific speakers, and we have discussed:

  • Charging for Social Work Services
  • 'Keys to Life' (the Scottish Government's long term strategy based on a commitment to human rights for people with learning disabilities).  All 5 LCPs play an important role in helping to identify priorities from the 52 'Keys to Life' recommendations for the Borders.
  • 'Making Choices, Keeping Safe' policy and guidance.  This is closely linked to the 'Keys to Life'
  • There is a plan to produce a 'keep safe' card: some shops, libraries and community centres will display this logo, so people know that they will feel safe if they go into these places. This is going to be tried out in some towns in the Borders soon.
  • Borders Railway Project
  • Fire Safety in the Home
  • Community policing
  • Learning disability nursing at the Borders General Hospital.

We also have one off meetings where we feel we need to talk about things in more depth. This year these have been:

  • Impartial workshops on the Scottish Referendum and the General Election.  These were led by Ian Hood from the Learning Disability Alliance.  They were informative, fun and interactive, with the use of voting buttons.  Members who came along to these sessions found them really enjoyable.
  • Welfare Benefits Reform: talks about this are ongoing in 2015.
  • Work and Volunteering - looking at what gets in the way and what works for people with learning disabilities locally. A report was created after this and will be avaiable soon.

We are always looking to recruit new members to our groups.

If you would like to join a citizens panel in your area please contact us for more information.