Learning disabilities

Local citizens panels

Local citizen panels meet 5 times a year and are for people who:

  • have a learning disability
  • care for a family member who has a learning disability

What does being a panel member mean?

Being a panel member means that you can:

  • help to make sure that learning disability services meet your needs
  • raise concerns about services so that improvements can be made
  • take part in consultations about services and give feedback
  • put forward ideas for things that will help improve quality of life for people with a learning disability
  • work together with other groups to get things done
  • get and share information about the things that are happening in the learning disability services and in your local community

Who can join?

You can join a local panel if you live in the Scottish Borders, are aged 14+ and have a learning disability or care for someone who has.

The 5 local citizen Panels:

  1. Berwickshire
  2. Kelso and Coldstream
  3. Hawick and Jedburgh
  4. Galashiels and Selkirk
  5. Tweeddale
Download the welcome booklet