Bonfires and burning outdoors

There are no laws against having bonfires, though it is an offence for the smoke, or the smell of the smoke to cause a statutory nuisance.

Report smoke pollution

If you are bothered by smoke from a bonfire or other burning that is taking place outdoors you can contact our Environmental Health team online. We will visit and consider whether the smoke is causing a statutory nuisance and take action if necessary.

If fires have been started deliberately in your area, you can call the Crimestoppers Scotland hotline on 0800 555 111. Calls are anonymous - you do not have to give your name or personal details.

Report fly-tipping

Fly-tipping during the bonfire and fireworks season is a major cause of fire and it is also a criminal offence. If you see fly-tipping or know of an area where there is build-up of rubbish or combustible material, see information on how to report fly-tipping.

Smoke and fire emergencies

In a real emergency call 999, state clearly your location and the situation.

Bonfire night safety

Fire Scotland have advice on celebrating bonfire night safely.

Report smoke pollution