How do I apply for a building warrant

What happens after we receive your application

  • Your Building Warrant application, if valid, will be registered and we will contact you by e-mail or in writing to acknowledge its receipt and give you a unique reference number to be used in all future correspondence.
  • In some cases the property may be visited. When the proposals have been assessed the Surveyor will contact you or your agent advising if changes are required or additional information is needed to enable your application to be approved.
  • Depending on the nature of the proposals, various consultations, some statutory, are held with interested parties and bodies prior to approval being recommended.
  • Upon receipt of the additional information requested, and subject to adequate answers being given, your application will be approved.

Current service performance

Please note, currently, it is likely to be in excess of 60 working days until you receive a response to your application. This is due to on-going resource and workload pressures which is affecting our performance and warrant processing capability. Whilst we are working to correct this issue, we feel it is important to notify you of likely timescales.

If your application is considered to be a ‘fast track’ it will however be looked at sooner and typically a response will be provided within 20 working days. For information, a ‘fast track’ is an application under £5,000 estimated value of work, an application creating inward investment or job creation or an application for an adaptation to a dwelling for use by a disabled occupant as defined within the ‘Procedural Handbook’. Minor amendment to warrant applications are dealt with in the same way.

Water and drainage services

Separate applications should be made where appropriate to Scottish Water for a public water supply, for sewerage services and where it is desired to discharge a trade effluent into a public sewer, for a trade effluent consent.

Septic tanks and treatment plants

Where proposals involve the installation of a septic tank, treatment plant or equivalent, SEPA should be consulted.

Invalid applications

If the plans, specification or application submitted are not suitable the application will be deemed invalid and will not be registered or processed. You will be informed that your application is invalid and what is needed to validate it.

Keeping in touch

Where submissions are made through the Scottish Government portal all future correspondence will be delivered to the e-mail address provided. Where an e-mail address is provided with a paper application we will correspond to that e-mail address, but the approved building warrant package will be posted.