How do I apply for a building warrant

Further information and guidance

Site Inspections during COVID-19

Read our applicant guidance for more information on site and property inspections during COVID-19. This guidance outlines how a remote virtual inspection would work and also confirms what measures you must have in place in order for a physical inspection to happen.

Building standards customer charter

View our building standards verification service customer charter for information about the minimum standards of service that we should meet.

Building standards verification service annual performance report

View our building standards verification service annual performance report for information about the service.

National customer survey

View the 2021 national customer survey.

We appreciate feedback on the service we provide. From 1 April 2022 the way participation in the Building Standards National Survey changed. You can now do this by completing the Building Standards National Survey online.

Local Authority Building Standards Scotland

Local Authority Building Standards Scotland (LABSS) is a membership organisation representing all local authority building standards verifiers in Scotland.

They are dedicated to protecting the public interest delivered by public sector expertise to make sure buildings are safe, accessible, dry and warm.

Building Standards Division

Scottish Ministers are responsible for creating Building Regulations and preparing technical guidance to ensure buildings are safe, efficient and sustainable.Visit the Building Standards Division website.

Building standards customer journey

The Building Standards Division together with local authorities have developed a useful guide for building standards service customers, specifically homeowners, to better understand their roles and responsibilities in relation to the building standards process.

The Building Standards Customer Journey guide can be viewed on the Building Standards Division website. There is also guidance on what makes a good quality application.

Pre application advice

The LABSS website provides a range of guidance and information relevant to building standards.

The Building Standards Division website contains information on relevant legislation, the Technical Handbooks and supporting guidance.

Applicants seeking advice are directed to the information and guidance provided in this website and those mentioned above. We also offer a formal pre-application advice service for projects. Further details on this service can be found on our website. To request pre-application advice please also refer to our pre-application guidance and application form.

If you do not have experience of building or the building standards system it is recommended that you seek advice from an architect, architectural technician, building surveyor or other professional with relevant knowledge. You can find a list of members on:

Infiltration system guidance

Infiltration systems should be constructed in ground suitable for the treatment and dispersion of waste water discharge from:

  • a private waste water treatment plant
  • septic tank
  • for the treatment of grey water

View our infiltration system guidance for assessing ground conditions by percolation test.

Additional Building Standards Services and fees 

In addition to the services detailed within these web pages we can also provide formal confirmation when work either proposed or carried out on site is exempt from the regulations or does not require building warrant approval. 

Further details of our property inspection service and letter of confirmation service is available on our website.