Apply for a school place

Every household in the Scottish Borders is within a school catchment area. Normally you will be given a priority place in the primary or secondary school within your catchment area. However it is also possible to apply for a place in a school that is not in your catchment area.

Please note that your nearest school may not be your catchment school.

Enrolment week

You need to apply for your child's primary or secondary school place for the 2019/20 session. Enrolment week is 19-23 November 2018. Late registrations are accepted but will be subject to the availability of places.

How to apply for a school place

To apply for a school place:

  • in your catchment area - please complete an enrolment form and return it to the school you are applying to during enrolment week in November.
  • at a school which is not in your catchment area - please make a placement request.

The school you are applying to will require a copy of your child's birth certificate and evidence that you live in the catchment area of the school in which you wish to enrol your child.

What happens after you apply

In most cases, a place will be available and the headteacher will give you details of start dates, uniforms and a copy of the school handbook.

In the unlikely event that the school is full you may be directed to the nearest alternative school with places.

Deferred primary school entry

In Scotland almost all children aged between 4 and a half and 5 years old enrol in primary school at the start of the autumn term.

However you can delay entry if:

  • your child's 5th birthday is in January or February the same year as they would start school (you will be offered a free part time nursery place for an additional year.)
  • your child's 5th birthday is between 1 September and 31 December of the year before they would start school (a free nursery place is not automatic and is at the discretion of the local authority.)

A decision about whether or not a child would benefit from an additional year of pre-school education will in all cases seek to promote the best interests of the child. The views of parents, carers and if appropriate support staff from other agencies will contribute to the decision.

If you decide you want your child to have an additional year of nursery education please see further details on applying for a free pre-school nursery place.

Further information

For further information on school application:

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