Business Rates FAQs

Annual Bills

What date will I receive my annual bill?

Bills will be issued 12 April 2022.

How up to date is my bill?

Any changes made by us to your account up to 30 March 2022 will be included on the annual bill.

Why has my Business Rates bill changed?

This may be due to many things like the change in the poundage rate this year, or because you have received a relief last year that has not been applied to your account this year.

If you still need information on why your bill has changed contact us.

If you need to apply for a reduction, see our Business Rates charges FAQs.

My bill looks different, why is this?

The bill template was changed in 2020 to be brought in line with all local authorities in Scotland.

Why do I not have a understanding my Council Tax/Business Rates leaflet with my bill?

All the information that was on the leaflet is now available online.

If you require a paper copy of the document contact us with your request.