Civil Partnership

Converting civil partnership to marriage

It is possible for same-sex couples to have a civil marriage ceremony, or a "religious or belief" marriage ceremony where the religious or belief body has opted-in to solemnising same-sex marriage.

Certain civil partners can change their civil partnership to a marriage.

Civil partners who registered their civil partnership out with Scotland can have a ceremony in Scotland to change their civil partnership to a marriage.

If you do decide to change your civil partnership to marriage, there are two ways you can do this:

Without a Ceremony

You can convert your civil partnership to a marriage at an appointment with your local registrar. You will be asked to bring your original Civil partnership certificate and photo ID (e.g. passport or driving license). You will receive a marriage certificate at your appointment without a ceremony. There will be some paperwork to complete and you may find it useful to download the following documents:

Further information can be found on the National Records of Scotland website.

By ceremony

Alternatively, you can change your Civil Partnership to marriage by having a civil, religious or belief ceremony.

More information on how to organise your ceremony can be found by visiting the National Records of Scotland website.