Anti social behaviour


Mediation can be used when:

  • both you and your neighbour want to resolve the issues you have been experiencing
  • the issues are within the control of you and your neighbour
  • no legal action is pending or the dispute is a fairly recent one

Long term disputes can be mediated but the chances of success are greater the earlier the problem is tackled.

Issues we can help with

The types of issues mediation can help with include:

  • loud music
  • inconsiderate parking
  • boundary disputes
  • dogs barking/fouling
  • excessive family living noise

What happens in mediation?

  • contact us online or call us on 01835 826781 or 0800 028 5711
  • we will have a chat with you about the problems
  • once we have spoken with you, we will make contact with your neighbour to ensure they wish to participate
  • if they agree, a meeting can then be arranged at a neutral venue, or where appropriate mediation may be carried out via shuttle mediation (this is where the mediator sees both parties separately and acts as a go between)
  • you can stop at any time if you are unhappy with the process

Our aim is to help you to come reach an agreement which is acceptable to both parties.

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