Deaf, deafened or hard of hearing


What is tinnitus?

As described by the British Tinnitus Association, Tinnitus is the term for the sensation of hearing a sound in the absence of any external sound. Symptoms of tinnitus are you may hear different types of sound for example, ringing, whooshing or humming or buzzing in the ear. These can be continuous or they can come and go. The tinnitus might seem like it’s in one ear or both, in the middle of the head or even be difficult to pinpoint. Some people may think the noise is coming from outside and hunt for it until they discover it’s actually inside them. The NHS also has useful information on Tinnitus.

Help and Advice

The Sensory Service Team can discuss your tinnitus with you and if you have had contact with The Audiology Department at the Borders General Hospital in the past, can refer you directly for an appointment with a senior audiologist. Alternatively, we may direct you to your GP.