Corporate plan

Our new Corporate Plan for 2018-23 called ‘Our Plan and Your Part in it’ was approved at the Council meeting on 20 February 2018.

It sets a direction for the next five years to:

  • make the most of the new opportunities we now have
  •  tackle the challenges we face
  •  take account of what our new Administration want to achieve
  • ensure we respond to national policies and other statutory requirements

Our approach

  • we want to ensure we can continue to have a positive, if not transformational, effect on lives and communities well into the future despite being faced with various challenges but we can only do this with your help
  • the new plan not only outlines what we are going to do but it asks our residents, communities, businesses and partners to play their part too. For example, our income from Council Tax and from the Scottish Government is not rising sufficiently to meet increasing demands for our services and council tax only accounts for around one quarter of our income
  • the plan is being supported by an ongoing campaign called #yourpart reinforcing why we need to work differently, and encourage residents to change their behaviour and play their part

Key themes

The plan is structured around four key themes:

  1. Our services for you
  2. Independent, achieving people
  3. A thriving economy with opportunities for everyone
  4. Empowered, vibrant communities

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