School transport

Privilege lift scheme

If your child is not entitled to free school transport and you live near a school transport route, they may be able to apply for a privilege lift seat. Apply for a privilege lift online.

Please note:

  • seats are not guaranteed and will only be granted after we have first met the needs of all children who are entitled to free school transport
  • privilege lifts do not apply for travel on timetabled local bus services, travel on these services would require payment of a fare
  • we operate a paid privilege lift scheme and payment is required in advance on a term by term basis

Charges are based on a standard fixed rate:

  • £1 daily return fare for pupils who attend their catchment school
  • £2 daily return fare for pupils who do not attend their catchment school

The cost will be worked out per term dependent upon the number of school days by local area.

If your application is successful you will be notified by letter outlining the amount payable for the privilege lift seat along with your unique five digit reference number which you will need to make payment.

Paying for a privilege lift

Further information on how the scheme operates is contained within the Privilege Lift Scheme – A Guide for Parents and Pupils.

Apply for a privilege lift